smarter choices for optimal health & happiness


Our goal is to help people making smarter and better considered choices about their health and happiness.


  • People who are better informed will be more aware of the consequences of their choices and therefore have a greater chance of making better choices for their own health and happiness and that of their loved ones.
  • Healthy food, sufficient exercise and relaxation should also be encouraged by the government and must prevail over the interests of pharmaceutical companies, the food industry and other conflicts of interest.
  • A strong and recognizable healthy mark for products, services and companies that endorse the mission is necessary.
  • Everyone who works in healthcare should have a basic knowledge of healthy nutrition, exercise and relaxation at the relevant work level.
  • Support from experts and well-known persons is necessary for creating a large support base.
  • Healthcare will only be affordable and manageable through a policy based on health prevention instead of the current curative policy, often based on treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals.
  • People will experience more happiness and will feel favored with a preventive natural health cares system compared to people treated with the current symptom relief with pharmaceuticals.
  • Every pharmaceutical product has negative side effects.
  • Transition of the health care system based on prevention and with naturopathy as the basis and pharmacy as a supplement.


  • Education at all levels why it is so important to only eat foods that your grandmothers would recognize as food, the importance of exercise and the importance of relaxation
  1. Developing content for subjects at schools about Good Lifestyle habits at all levels
  2. Developing games and apps about good Lifestyle for all ages
  3. Information for parents and grandparents about good lifestyle habits
  4. Teaching materials available for everyone who works in healthcare from nurses to doctors
  • Convince governments to make all healthy food and all healthy lifestyle services free of VAT.
  • Healthy meals 100% deductible for Employers and tax-free for Employees.
  • Homeopathy and naturopathy in standard health insurance package.
  • Sports, exercise and relaxation must be stimulated, facilitated and more subsidized.
  • Let the health of the population prevail over the interests of pharmaceutical companies and the food industry.

"Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"